Information For Parents

Information For Parents

Dear Alpha Xi Delta Parents,

Welcome to Alpha Xi Delta! Your daughter has found a home in an organization that has been inspiring women to realize their potential since 1893, and Alpha Xi Delta strongly believes that you, as parents, are a part of our extended family. Alpha Xi Delta looks forward to playing a strong and positive role in your daughter's college life and beyond, and we hope that you will be an involved and supportive part of this experience.

The concepts to which our founding members dedicated themselves when Alpha Xi Delta was founded in 1893 - a broad, purposeful education; high moral character; selfless service to others; and, most importantly, deep and abiding friendship - still hold true today and are, in fact, the cornerstone of our chapter programming.

During your daughter's college years in Alpha Xi Delta she will make friends to support and motivate her, and she will find guidance in the Alpha Xi Delta alumnae who advise her chapter and serve her house corporation board. She will be mentored by Sisters who emphasize the importance of academics and sound study habits, who model interpersonal cooperation in the face of differing viewpoints and who believe that community service is inherent to being a good citizen. Through active chapter involvement, she will have the opportunity to develop life skills, leadership and organizational management skills, self-awareness, esteem and confidence. And she will be surrounded by other young women who support her through her challenges and celebrate with her when she meets them. In short, Alpha Xi Delta will serve as your daughter's home away from home during college, and we hope she enjoys every minute!

Alpha Xi Delta is proud of the more than 150,000 members who have worn our beloved golden Quill badge, and we are proud that your daughter has been selected, and has elected, to become one of the bold and talented women who shape our organization. We urge you to play an active role in your daughter's Alpha Xi Delta experience and to encourage her to make the most of the many opportunities our sorority has to offer.

Alpha Xi Deltas are genuine, life-long friends and the bonds of our Sisterhood extend well beyond the collegiate years. Through active chapter involvement, your daughter will have the opportunity to develop life skills, leadership, and organizational management skills, self-awareness, esteem, and confidence.

We expect our Sisters to model Alpha Xi Delta values in their actions at all times. Life and college life, in particular, will present your daughter with challenges that require both good judgment and the courage to act on that judgment. We aim to assist her on both fronts and to inspire her to realize her potential in all respects. In short, Alpha Xi Delta will serve as your daughter's home away from home during college, and we know she’ll enjoy every minute!

This spring, your daughter will learn all about Alpha Xi Delta - our history, our programs and our standards and values. She will attend weekly meetings, a pledge class retreat, personal development programs and social events. She will be paired with a Big Sister to guide her during this time, and she will develop friendships with her pledge class sisters that will endure throughout her life. We also have great support from our Chapter Advisors; all are Alpha Xi Deltas who graduated from Elon. They help guide our executive board and are present at chapter meetings and most significant events we host. Our chapter has established an environment free of hazing or intimidation, for which there is no room in our Sisterhood. At the end of her New Member period, your daughter will be initiated into full Alpha Xi Delta membership and be able to wear our letters with pride.

Since entering into a national partnership with Autism Speaks in April 2009, Alpha Xi Delta has proudly raised more than $2,000,000 for the organization. As the most significant autism advocacy and research organization in the world, Autism Speaks is dedicated to funding research into the causes and prevention of autism; finding treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders, and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. Our chapter at Elon participates in the annual North Carolina Autism Speaks Walk and raised nearly $30,000 last year through our various fundraising events. We’re looking forward to sharing our efforts to support Autism Speaks with our newest members.

Again welcome to our family!  And if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

In Xi,

Jill Watkins, President